Submissions from 2021

Influence of Religious Beliefs on Immigration Attitudes, Karin Alvarado, Cielo Hernandez, and Ruth Fuentes-Marin

Influence of Personality Characteristics on Academic Success, Jackson Ballard, Avery Bryant, Jade Hart, and Cathryn Burns

Influence of Student Characteristics on Student Effort, Chandelin Barnett

Influence of Student Characteristics on Student Effort, Cole Cantrell and Nick Anderson

Influence of Social Status on Marijuana Legalization Attitudes, Jeremy P. Farmer, David Harrison, Mia Manley, and Trealan Thompson

The Influence of Religion on Attitudes Towards Tattoos, Levi Grubbs, Kerri Barriera, Omar Mohamed, and John Herndon

Influence Political Views on the Marijuana Legalization Attitudes, Tucker Doyle Kiefer, Winona Shiree McGowan, Paula Cristinyn Jimenez, and William Franklin Richardson III

Common Stereotypes and Christian Nationalism, Dalton D. Kolar

Impact of Crime Shows on Criminal Justice Knowledge, Peyton S. Lamb, Hannah Dunklin, Celso Perez, and Ayriela Delong

Social Media Influence on the Perspective of Police Brutality, Jake Ledbetter, Cody Moreno, Alex Martin, Omar Arellano, and Justin Stringfield

Influences of Reading Habits on Death Penalty Attitudes, Axel Luna, Logan Goodwin, Caitlyn Jimerson, and Jara Galvan

Influence of Education on Attitudes Towards Tobacco, Katie Moore, Iris Salazar, and Christopher Hall

Influence of Religiousness on Attitudes Towards Tattoos, Penny Morgan, Courtney Holland, David Thompson, and Monique Lawson

Influence of Personality Characteristics on Academic Success, Laney Pilcher, Michelle Gilbert, and Vanessa Carreno

Influence of Political Views on Citizen Engagement, Abigail C. Price and Mason Remaley

Influence of Community Characteristics on Perceptions of Law Enforcement, Ashley Salgado and John Arthur

Submissions from 2020

Fieldwork project in Gas station, Nimesh Chettri, Jerri Barr, Landon Carpenter, and Jakeesee Elliott

Coffee & COVID - CRIJ 4322., Lauren E. Ethredge, Keanne Jenkins, Christian Prieto, and Asaf Souza

The Truth of Library Study, Payton Foster, Taylor White, Jessica Ash, and Allyson Rodriguez

Coffee Shop Orders Research, Trinity R. Harris, Raquel Johns, Ruth Garcia, and Kayla Grimsley


Wait Line Behaviors at Restaurants during COVID-19, Pamela E. Hollis, Cheyenne Vannier, Patrick Millegan, and Jessica Reagan

Different Forms of Policing, Zoe Mayfield, Yolanda Banks, and Dalton Kolar

Technology in the Gym, William Nguyen, Jeremy Zickert, Kristen Nantz, and Judson Schaper

COVID-19's Political Impact, Jessi Terrazas, Kaycee West, and Holly Stadelmann

An Overview of Couples On Dates at Restaurants During COVID-19 Pandemic, Roberta Wallace, Stephanie Rios, Ebony Walker, and Kyra Winn