This is an improvement science dissertation in practice that spans over a two-year period that is designed to discover the impacts of teacher mentorship programs on teacher retention. The study occurred at an open enrollment public charter school that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by implementing project-based learning (PBL), problem-based learning (PrBL), and personalized learning. The evaluation study occurred within the first year of the study. Teachers that agreed to participate in the study were given qualitative and quantitative surveys to complete about the mentorship program in the current design. These surveys were used to understand the teacher’s perspectives of the program as well as gauging the impacts of the program. Data from Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) and Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) was used for teacher retention data. The results from the evaluation cycle indicated that the program was functioning but not to its full potential with the fidelity needed. The following year, year two, consisted of implementing a change of the number of mentors to mentee ratio as well as giving more guidelines to mentors. The same standards of measures were used to gauge the teachers participating in the research. Overall, the results indicated that the change implemented did have a positive impact on teachers' level of support resulting in teacher retention. Continuing studies would need to occur to collect data to make recommendations for future studies as well as impacts to the educational field in a larger scale.

Date of publication

Fall 2023

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Yanira Oliveras, Wesley Hickey, Forrest Kaiser


Doctorate of Education in School Improvement



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