Anxiety is a phenomenon commonly experienced by patients awaiting surgery (Jlala et al., 2010). Anxiety has been linked to negative impacts “on the induction of anesthesia, wound healing, risk of infection, and postoperative recovery” (Stern, 2013). The alleviation of preoperative anxiety is a positive and desired outcome for perioperative patients. An interview with a patient at University Medical Center yielded some insight into the need for the implementation of additional anxiety alleviating intervention. In the interview, the patient reported feeling distress from being able to hear everything that was happening outside of the patient’s preoperative room and feeling a large amount of preoperative anxiety awaiting the procedure. The patient reported having to wait for 2 hours before an anesthesiologist provided pharmacological anxiety alleviation.

A literature review found that the use of music in the preoperative is a nonpharmacologic treatment modality has been identified as an effective means of alleviating preoperative anxiety (Bradt et al., 2013). The type of music implemented can have an impact on the amount of anxiety alleviated in surgical patients (Kipnis et al., 2016). Additionally, the duration of music can influence the amount of anxiety alleviated in surgical patients (McClurkin & Smith, 2016). With the information from a literature review, an evidence-based intervention was designed.

At University Medical Center (UMC) in Lubbock, Texas, the implementation of music in the preoperative area for the alleviation of patient anxiety occurred. The use of connivence sampling of 10 surgical patients yielded insight into the efficacy of the intervention. The results of the evaluation of the implementation of music in the preoperative area reveal that the intervention is effective in alleviating preoperative patient anxiety. The patients evaluated universally reported satisfaction with the addition of music in the preoperative area.

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Spring 4-14-2022

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters of Family Nurse Practitioner