Below is a list of all undergraduate poster presentations, listed in alphabetical order. Each contain a five minute video of the poster presentation and PDF of the poster.

List of Posters

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2020-2021 Baja SAE Vehicle

Benjamin Stewart
Rachel Emerine
Emmanuel Ojeda

A Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Sampling Methods on a Stream System in Tyler, TX

Briana Aguilar

A Survey of Fish and Assessment of Aquatic Habitat on Camp Maxie and Camp Bowie Bases

Virginia Jeske

#ACAB: A Study of Student Perceptions of Police Behavior and Accountability

Hannah Sasser

Apparatus for Testing Metamaterials for Reducing Noise in Ducts

Mason Paddie
Matt Bryson
Jordy Castaneda
Jasline Chandler

Application of Virus-Like Particles for Cell-Specific Drug Delivery in vitro

Mercedes Delgado

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant Helpfulness

Katelyn Garza
Katrina Henley
Cameron Long

Closed Loop Wind Tunnel

Demetri Rhodes
Alan Nguyen
Ruben Hernandez
Mashoud Kabore
Marissa Martinez

Design and Applications of a Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Daniel Vasek
Gokay Aygun
Joao Friguglietti
Anh Tran
Louie Urquieta Lopez
Edwin Wande

Design and Stability Analysis of 6T and 7T SRAM cells

Conrad Fjetland

Design of an Integrated PEM Fuel Cell System

Shrawan Rizal
Robert Mah
Marco Ponce
Oscar Palencia
Daniel Jordan

Designing a Functional Electrospinning Machine

Zachary Huggins
Ruberto Saenz
Johan Johnson
Abdul Gaddi

Developing the HK97 VLP nanoplatform for selective chemical labeling and modification

Dakota Lucas

Development and Improvement of Fluorescent OLED Structures

Claire Lamberti

Do Changing demographics affect election outcomes and different immigration public policy in Texas and California from 1990 to now?

David Lutmer

Effect of COVID-19 in the 2020 MLB Playoffs

Jose Currea

Election Integrity: Jim Crow in a Suit and Tie?

Justin Yaws

Encapsulation of Proteins Inside the HK97 Virus Like Particle

Suefian Kandeel

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Various Hydrophobic Degrons for PROTAC-Mediated Degradation of the Androgen Receptor

Justin Crowe
Connor Crowe

Exploring Stigma Experienced by People with Parkinson's Disease, in Literature and Social Media

Zoe Santos
Arianna Bowlin
Danitza Castillo
Lacey Hester
Justin Melendez
Beckett Preston
Briseida Ramirez
Carlos Reyes
Alyssa Rojas
Jarrizze Santos

Exploring the Utility of Intentional Relationship Model Principals to Build Relationships within Classroom Communities

Shaelyn Harris

Furnace Pressure Switch Tester

Zane Riddlesperger
Ben McFadden
Oluwaseyi Akiode
Scott Tatum

Influence of the Latino Vote in Texas

Micheal Kollman

Investigating Chronic Pain Treatment: Is Kratom Worthy?

Rachael Denny

Logit Regression Model to Predict Driver Left Turn Destination Lane Choice Behavior at Urban Intersections

Eric Proffer
John Frazier
Okan Gurbuz

Martian Aquaponic Module

Edgar Reyes
Christopher Nobinger
Christian Puckett
Aaron Sithideth

Optimal Risky Strategies in Tennis - Preliminary Research

Caitlyn Cox

Optimization of LC/MS-MS Parameters for Shotgun Proteoanalysis

Wyatt Schaefer

Pavement Analysis and Rehabilitation Strategies on University Roads

Zachariah Dare

Pavement Analysis of Varsity Drive

Nathaniel Honea

Pavement Distress Evaluation

Arnaud Muhire

Pavement Distresses and Rehabilitation for Circle Drive

Jaide Williams

Pavement Review: Old Omen Rd - From University Blvd to Liberty Landing Apartments

John Tinsley

Pavement Study

Shayla Mendiola

Plastic Extruder

Thang Huynh
Mahibullah Maqsat
Rohit Kanade

Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Power Generation

Marco Rodriguez

Pre and Posttest Assessment of Ankle Mobility and Strength for Collegiate Women Soccer Players

Danielle Lacasse

Preservation Technology: Comparing and Contrasting 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

Ekaterina Menkina
Robbie Wallace

Presidential Rhetoric and Influence on Policy and Voters

Kathryn Chamberlain

Public Auditing in the Pandemic Era

Ann Abernathy

Relationship of Type of Sex Education on Sexual Behavior and Perceptions of Shame and Guilt in Young Adults

Natalie Batton

Responsible Residential Development: An Overview of Tyler, Texas's Residential Building Permits

Autumn VanBuskirk

Road Rehabilitation

Justin Levels

SMARTP3M: Smart Pavement Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance

Samantha Bast

States’ Response after Supreme Court Ruling

Michelle Mata

“Steal the Vote”: Unpacking the Myth of Voter Integrity

Kierra Green

Studies on the Self-Assembly of Dipeptides

Vadeah Akmel
Colton Lybarger

Synthesis of an End-Capping Agent for Use in the Co-Block Polymerization of Poly(styrene-b-methacrylonitrile): Designing an Undergraduate Experiment in Polymer Chemistry

Zachary Tucker

Texture Classification Using Angular and Radial Bins in the Transformed Domain

Aavash Sthapit
Ashim Sedhain
Bishrut Bhattarai
Saurav Panthee

The Balance Zone

Justin Abihabib
Rachel Ramon
David Roman
Cristian Mandujano

The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Stress Levels of Homosexual and Heterosexual Couples

Ana Clara Zaidan
Audrey Escamilla
Robert Pierce
Chloe Gasper

The Partisan Divide: Religion, Secularism, and Geographical Segregation in the United States

Morgan Carter

The Role of Social Isolation in Anxiety Symptoms and Disorder Development: A Literature Review

Colby Elmore

"There's Nothing Wrong with You": Associated & Structural Stigma Related to Parkinson's Disease

Kailynn Fong

Turning Texas Blue in 2032

Stacy Duff

Understanding the Internal Forces on Post Operation Implants Using the Hip Joint Motion Simulator

Dawson Barker
James Barron
Austin English
Amit Pokharel

Understanding Trait Gratitude and Potential Changes Following Stressors for International Students

Ana Clara Zaidan

Utilization of Round One of The Paycheck Protection Program

Alex Brandt
Jeff Murphy

Ventilator Communication Interface Attachment

Eduard Akhmedov
Lucas Santos
Fernando Rodriguez
Sandy Ghaly
Jules Kenmoe

Virtual Reality-Robotic Walking Training Device

Ralph Cunningham
Oscar Ferrero
Shawn Fox
Austin Guerrero

Wind Tunnel & Vacuum Chamber System

Sean Lowe
Omar Buentello
Carlos Chic
Geovani Chico
Brittany Fink

xEMU Space Suit Quick Release and Catch System

Antonio Benedicto Mejia Jr
Zachary Butterfras
Amin Marashi
Michael Mira
Monica Louise Monconduit