Below is a list of all undergraduate poster presentations, listed in alphabetical order. Each contain a five minute video of the poster presentation and PDF of the poster.

List of Posters

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A Comparison of Macroinvertebrate Sampling Methods on a Stream System in Tyler, TX

Briana Aguilar
Lance Williams
Marsha Williams

Design and Stability Analysis of 6T and 7T SRAM cells

Conrad Fjetland

Designing a Functional Electrospinning Machine

Zachary Huggins
Ruberto Saenz
Johan Johnson
Abdul Gaddi

Development and Improvement of Fluorescent OLED Structures

Claire Lamberti

Do Changing demographics affect election outcomes and different immigration public policy in Texas and California from 1990 to now?

David Lutmer

Exploring the Utility of Intentional Relationship Model Principals to Build Relationships within Classroom Communities

Shaelyn Harris

Influence of Presidential Rhetoric on Voters

Kathryn Chamberlain

Investigating Chronic Pain Treatment: Is Kratom Worthy?

Rachael Denny

Logit Regression Model to Predict Driver Left Turn Destination Lane Choice Behavior at Urban Intersections

Eric Proffer
John Frazier
Okan Gurbuz

Optimal Risky Strategies in Tennis

Caitlyn Cox

Optimization of LC/MS-MS Parameters for Shotgun Proteoanalysis

Wyatt Schaefer

Pavement Analysis and Rehabilitation Strategies on University Roads

Zachariah Dare

Polymer Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Power Generation

Marco Rodriguez

Preservation Technology: Comparing and Contrasting 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

Ekaterina Menkina
Robbie Wallace

Public Accounting in the Pandemic Era

Ann Abernathy

SMARTP3M: Smart Pavement Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance

Samantha Bast

Steal the Vote

Kierra Green

Studies on the Self-Assembly of Dipeptides

Vadeah Akmel
Colton Lybarger

The Balance Zone

Justin Abihabib
Rachel Ramon
David Roman
Cristian Mandujano

The Partisan Divide

Morgan Carter

The Role of Social Isolation in Anxiety Symptoms and Disorder Development: A Literature Review

Colby Elmore

"There's Nothing Wrong with You": Associated & Structural Stigma Related to Parkinson's Disease

Kailynn Fong

Understanding Trait Gratitude and Potential Changes Following Stressors for International Students

Ana Clara Zaidan

Utilization of Round One of The Paycheck Protection Program

Alex Brandt
Jeff Murphy