The persistent challenges surrounding student achievement continue to raise questions about the effectiveness of personalized learning methods, and educators seek a reliable means to determine if the implementation of personalized learning can lead to improved academic outcomes. Improvement science presents a promising approach, providing iterative inquiry cycles and data-driven decision-making strategies that can empower teachers to make informed decisions (Regional Educational Laboratory Program, 2017). The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of personalized learning on reading achievement in sixth-grade students on a Texas middle-school campus. While prior research has demonstrated promising outcomes with this learning method (Pane et al., 2015; Patrick et al., 2016; U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, 2017), additional studies are required to validate these findings comprehensively. This mixed-methods approach utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data collection to determine whether personalized education can be considered beneficial for improving students’ literacy aptitudes. Personalized learning incorporates multiple components designed to support improved learning outcomes, potentially leading to an overall boost in reading comprehension, as assessed by MAP testing (Benjamin, 2023). The goal was to examine the overall effectiveness of personalized learning by measuring reading outcomes for sixth-grade students on a Texas middle-school campus.

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Summer 6-26-2023

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Forrest Kaiser, Ed.D. Michael Odell, Ph.D. Yanira Oliveras Ortiz, Ph.D. Sarah Sass, Ph.D.


School Improvement Ed.D.



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