The Improvement Science Dissertation in Practice focused on an initial comprehensive assessment of the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework, implemented in a district in East Texas, and its impact of student achievement. Following the evaluation, a subsequent improvement iteration concentrated on the impact of RtI, with the use of job-embedded professional learning, on student achievement. Both iterations utilized a mixed-methods case study using an embedded experimental model with a one-phase approach. The findings highlighted that student achievement did improve with statistically significant results except for in the second iteration where there was not statistically significant results in fifth and sixth grade reading from winter to spring and eighth grade reading overall. Additionally, the data showcased the need for targeted professional development on Tier Two and Tier Three instructional strategies as well as a documented RtI framework guide.

Date of publication

Summer 6-16-2023

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Julie Delello, Christopher Thomas, Michael Odell, Robert Stevens


Doctorate in Education in School Improvement

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Education Commons



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