This is a two-year mixed-methods study designed to discover the effects of a personalized learning model on the mathematical achievement in elementary. The setting is a university laboratory school that utilizes a distinct instructional math model based on mathematical best practices, problem-based learning (PrBL), and the use of personalized learning (PL) through stations, small-group pull-outs and a designated software program (IXL). The evaluation study was conducted over the course of a year. Teacher observations were used to understand the implementation of the model as well as the teacher’s perceptions. Student data from the previous year’s state assessment, State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), were used as baseline data for improvements as well as the students’ mathematical functional level in IXL. The results of year one revealed that while some gains were seen academically, the model was not implemented to fidelity. Therefore, year two consisted of an intervention of a job embedded professional development plan for teachers in the PL model in order to determine the effect of mathematical achievement. The same measures as year one were used with the addition of a teacher survey given the middle and end of year. Overall, the study found that the job embedded professional development plan for teachers did have a positive impact on the achievement scores for both STAAR and functional levels in IXL. Subsequent years of data would need to be collected to be able to make recommendations for future studies as well as the impacts on the field at large.

Date of publication

Summer 7-14-2023

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Dr. Michael Odell, Dr. Yanira Oliveras-Ortiz, Dr. Dominick Fazarro


EdD in School Improvement



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