This research leverages improvement science principles and rigorous scholarly design-based implementation research to delve into the efficacy of reading interventions for secondary students, a previously underexplored domain. The first iteration of this study critically assessed the present state of RtI practices within a rural East Texas school, while the subsequent iteration was an evaluative exploration of implementing a phonics-based reading intervention. The second iteration investigates the impact of the Reading Horizons Elevate (RHE) intervention program on reading outcomes of sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students within a turnaround middle school in East Texas. This study focuses on the relevance of design-based implementation research in determining the potential of such interventions. This mixed-method approach, comprised of qualitative and quantitative data collection strategies, seeks to understand the alignment between teacher perceptions of using evidence-based strategies and programs in reading intervention for struggling readers. A key performance indicator for this exploration was STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness). Preliminary findings suggest empirical gains through the intervention, yet its scalability remains a subject for future investigation. This study faced several limitations, including constraints related to participant sampling, with students selected based on prior year data and a small sample size from a convenience sample, as well as challenges associated with the intervention's design and delivery, like the rigid intervention schedule, exclusive use of Orton Gillingham-based dyslexia program symbols, and reported low student engagement during specific lesson phases. Additionally, the absence of a control group and potential researcher bias might have influenced the study's reliability, validity, and generalizability of findings.

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Fall 2023

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Dissertation (Local Only Access)



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Joanna Neel, Julie Delello, Wesley Hickey


Doctorate of Education in School Improvement

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Education Commons



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