Enhancing student outcomes is fundamentally attributed to classroom teachers, yet Rice et al. (2000) highlight the influential role of school boards in shaping these outcomes. This study delves into the efficacy of Lone Star Governance (LSG) as a facilitative instrument for promoting optimal governance practices across diverse schools. It also investigates the influence of governance coaching on student performance.

This research targeted rural school districts in the coastal bend of Texas that participated in the Texas Education Agency's Lone Star Governance training. Employing a mixed-method embedded design, specifically an embedded experimental research model, the study assessed accountability score advancements. Complementing this quantitative analysis, in-depth interviews with school superintendents and surveys among school board members were conducted to unveil the impact of Lone Star Governance on board behaviors. Although the sample size was deliberately restricted to ensure training consistency, this limitation constrained the scope of statistical analysis.

The study found that a governance coaching intervention was essential in implementing the LSG model. Mean accountability scores exhibited a notable rise among LSG districts compared to their non-LSG counterparts. Statistical significance was observed through the Mann-Whitney U test (p = 0.01), indicating superior accountability scores in LSG campuses. Aligning with these findings, LSG participants acknowledged the correlation between improved student outcomes and their district's adoption of LSG.

The data compiled justified the need for additional research for more detailed analysis to reinforce the study's conclusion that Lone Star Governance is a continuous improvement tool that positively impacts the classroom.

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