Daniel Goleman, journalist and author, popularized the idea of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) based on his work surrounding emotional intelligence (Hargreaves & Shirley, 2022). Although recognized as a new approach, SEL was well-established during the early 1990s in American education. Since then, SEL “has emerged as a major thematic and programmatic emphasis in American education” (Hoffman, 2009, p. 533). “Well-being in education” (Hargreaves & Shirley, 2022, p. 26) has become a succinct description of SEL. Generally, SEL is learning focused on “social, emotional, behavioral, and character skills that support success in school, the workplace, relationships, and the community” (Frey et al., 2019, p. 2). Moreover, these skills are “often considered ‘soft skills’ or personal attributes rather than explicit targets of instruction” (p. 2). For this study, teachers, in a variety of Texas educational settings were surveyed regarding their beliefs about SEL as they related to the built environment. Specifically, the researchers analyzed teachers’ perceptions about their own abilities to employ SEL strategies, and whether the learning environments in which they teach supported or inhibited their instructional practices.


VLK EDGE, VLK Architects

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Fall 9-29-2023



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