It is a fact that the diversity of today’s student population in schools across the United States is growing. According to the Center for Public Education (2012), it is also a fact that the majority of teachers in these schools are White, middleclass females. As a result of this demographic mismatch, teacher educators have been charged with the mission to help future teachers embrace multiculturalism so as to effectively meet the needs of this diverse student population. In order for this pedagogical shift to be successful, teacher educators themselves (who are also majority White) must first embrace the tenets of multiculturalism as well. This article introduces the Special Issue of Muticultural Learning and Teaching (MLT) that presents the personal narratives regarding multiculturalism of several White scholars in academia who currently work in the field of teacher education in southern universities where diversity abounds throughout the schools.


This article was originally published in Multicultural Learning and Teaching in vol. 10, issue no. 2, in 2015. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1515/mlt-2015-0002


De Gruyer, Multicultural Learning and Teaching

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Doepker, G. M., & Chamberlain, S. (Eds.). (2015). White multicultural voices in Southern universities: An overview. [Special issue]. Multicultural Learning and Teaching. 10(2), 143-147; aop. DOI 10 1515/mlt-2015-0002

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