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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler from 1979 to 1993. Articles in this issue include: D's Not Accepted; UT Tyler Announces Distinguished Lecturers; AIDS-Ignorance of Facts Causes Undue Panic; UT Tyler, Chicago Cubs-Balancing Books and Bases; The Blackstone Hotel 1921-1985; Student Association Officers Set Hours; Committees Coordinate Activity; Oil Palace Hosts Rodeo; Technology Organization Selects Officers and Plans Fall Activities; Catholic Group Plans Activity; Nurses Develope Logo; The Repeal on Blue Laws has Local Effects; Geffner to Address First Brown Bag Colloquium; American Problem: "Battle of the Bulge"; Roommates Add New Adventures Challenges to College Lifestyles; Austrian Seeks Win; Longhorns Play Intramural Game to Win First; Player Enjoys Change; French Player Wants Degree, National Title; Please Louise; Classes in Advanced Technology Prepare Students for Job Markets; Childhood Dream a Reality; AIDS-Misinformation Creates Public Apathy; Driver's License Saves Lives; Firing Line; Soviet Leader and Wife Gain Western Attention; Big Chill Cracks Down on Cars, Anti-Freeze Measures Recommended; Grounds Donor Dies; Plans Underway to Form Club for English Students; Art Exhibit is Planned; Business Scheduled Interviews; Never Too Old for Anything; Tyler Enjoys French Culture

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University of Texas at Tyler


Distinguished Lecture Series; AIDS; Faculty Senate; Texas Rodeo Association; Sigma Tau Epsilon; Catholic Student Organization; Nursing Student's Association; Faculty Research Committee; Food and Drug Administration; National Junior College Athletic Association

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UT Tyler Patriot Vol. 13 no. 3



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