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Influence of Student Characteristics on Student Effort


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During our research proposal, we attempt to measure student effort based on student characteristics. The survey was only made accessible to students at TJC or UTT . The survey was developed on Google Forms and has a total of 20 questions. The survey was conducted only by volunteers that could access the online form through the researcher’s social media platforms via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, respectively. Major findings in our proposals show that a majority of students do not visit the library or use on campus tutoring/help when in need of assistance of a particular subject or assignment. Likewise, research showed that there was not a true distinction of preference when students were asked if they preferred online courses over the traditional in-person class setting. We were expecting a majority of students to prefer the online method of learning over the conventional route due to the ease of scheduling, less trips to campus, and personal safety in times of the uprise of the pandemic.

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