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Influence of Personality Characteristics on Academic Success


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The hypothesis of our entire research was about whether the personality traits an individual has specifically to them and whether this has an impact on their academic success in school. Our group believed from the beginning of the project and research that the influence would be high and the correlation would be obvious to our prior hypothesis. Our hypothesis was thus supported by our analysis. The surveys results of our 76 responses showed a direct correlation from those who naturally employ more drive in their everyday lives to succeeding in the classroom. The results and findings of this research were specifically exhibited through our the methodological and operationzational techniques we chose. One specific implication that we believe narrowed our study to a accurate data was eliminating those who were not enrolled or participating in class at the moment. While this may have hindered us in some ways it brought more light to those responses and data that were more significant to the end goal. While not being as generalizable due to the sampling methods, the data gathered does lend weight to the hypothesis.

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personality, academic success, college

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