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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed to the Patriot Talon. Articles in this issue include: Jury Convicts Former Student of Bribe Charge; Campus Café Ends Contract Unexpectedly; Activities Planned for First Patriot Days; Newspaper Seeks Attorney General's Opinion; Bricks Stacking Up On Bell Tower, Completion Date Moved to June; Editorial; College Students Lacking Pride are Not Alone; University Gives Students Career Opportunities; The Truth: Adkin's Low-Carb Diet is Hazardous to Individual Health; Letters to the Editor; Future Educators Prepare; Senate Vacancies Filled by Write-ins; Campus Group Named Star Chapter at Event; Beauty and the Beast Bicycle Tour April 28; Students May Be Eligible for $1,000 Tuition Rebate Under Education Code; Art Sale in University Center Scheduled to Help Students Pay for Costs of Work; Rap-Metal: Scraping Barrel Bottom, Going Even Lower; Jordan Speaks at Cowan Center as Distinguished Lecture Series Ends; Contenders Prep for NBA Playoffs; Tennis Returns from Four Year Grave; Making the Pitch; Tennis Team Gains First Commitment; Workin' for a Living; Mabry Chooses Fisches as Patriots of the Year at President's Dinner; Campus Crime Report; Palestine Campus Gets Administrator; Catch This; Events Planned for Employee's Week; Friday the 13th; Triskaidekaphobia: For Those Who Fear the Number Thirteen; Friday the 13th is No Cause for Alarm, it's Just Another Day on the Calendar; Common Superstitions; 1st Annual Student Appreciation Week "Patriot Days"

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University of Texas at Tyler


Student Appreciation Week; Riter Bell Tower; Adkins' Diet; Free Speech; National Works on Paper Exhibit; Alpha Xi; Distinguished Lecture Series; Marcus Adkins; Goro Rappoport Victoria; Hamilton Jordon

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The Patriot Vol. 30 no. 6 (2001)