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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed to the Patriot Talon. Articles in this issue include: Fraternitites Spark Debate; Survey Favors Greeks; Officials Question Document's Disclosure; SGA Drafts Appointment Procedures; Deferred Raises Granted; Starbucks Hits Delays Over Plumbing Issue; Greek Life Provides Disturbing Results; Lazy Lives Make for the Best Analysts; Resale Shopping Sparks Trash-to-Treasure Items; Cold Doesn't Stop Cooks; Halftime 'Accident' Planned; Voters Name First Royalty on Campus; Top 5 Best and Worst V-Days; Blame Publishers for Prices; President's List, Dean's List for Fall Semester Announced; Home, Sweet Homecoming: ' A Living Tradition' 2nd Annual Homecoming; Debaters Win Again at Tarrant County; LUC Names 3 Finalists for Director; Weekly Horoscope; 'Apprentice is Used as an Educational Tool; Women 6-4 in Conference Play; Henderson Makes 100th Point Dunk; Patriots Shine Under 'Can Do' Coach Deike; FCA Comes to Campus; Conference Names Sha Shead Player of the Week; Amateur Radio Operators Reach Out, Touch the World; 'Dress for Success' Launches Student Success Seminars

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University of Texas at Tyler


Student Affairs Advisory Committee; SGA; Starbucks; SuperBowl; UT Tyler Alumni Association; President's List; Deans list; Longview University Center; The Apprentice; Terri Deike

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The Patriot Vol. 34 no. 9 (2004)