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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to. Articles in this issue include: No. 41 First on Campus Former President George H. W. Bush Speaks About Family, Politics; Student's Death Raises Questions; SGA Tries to Make Teacher Evaluations Mandatory, Online; Blindness Doesn't Stop Student's Dream; Aqua Massage Offered Friday; Library Accepting Food for Book Fines; There She Goes, Miss America; Police Blotter; Hours on the Road for One Glimpse of the Ocean; University Patriot Defense Program Receives $2,000 From Wal-Mart Stores; Colleges Students Face Struggle at Home with Same Old Rules; Jeff Tweedy DVD an Acoustic 'Sunken Treasure'; Bond is Back in Business with Stylish 'Casino Royale'; Patriot Talon Staff Picks Best of Entertainment in '06; Killough: Marker, Graves in Disrepair at Historic Massacre Site; How it All Began; Men Struggle to Find Rhythm on the Court; Patriots Welcome Some New Blood; Women Patriots on Top; Holding out for Professional Pay Right out of College is a bad idea; Racism Loses Meaning Word Importance Crucial in Battle Against Injustice; Nigerian Scams Promise Wealth if You'll Just Send Your Bank Info; Thumbs up/Thumbs down; Vigilante Proofreader Edits Patriot Talon with Lack of AP Style; Professor Wins Teaching Award; Each Debater on Forensic Team Wins Award to End Fall Semester; Finals Schedule Includes New Graduation Times

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University of Texas at Tyler


Bush; Shot; Blind Student; Campus Activity Board; iCan Food; Theft; Deal or no Deal; Hollywood; Police Department; dvd review; Pentagram; Great Depression; Cherokee; Society for Marketing Advances Houghton; SMA; Debate Team

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Patriot Talon Vol. 38 Issue 7 (2006)



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