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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Administrators ask SGA for Advice on Alcohol Policy; Adams Thinks big for University's Co-rec Program; Small Groups Fill Spiritual Void; Senior Art Exhibit; Gohmert's Plan Saves Taxpayers $6.5 trillion; Art, Music Appreciation Good for the Soul; Deaths of U.S. Automakers Would Create a Tsunami of Jobs Losses; Happiness is Contagious, British Study Shows; Wright Questions Media's 'Limited Horizons' in Sermon; Video Game Industry Hits Right Buttons in Troubled Economy; Patriots Start Conference Season at 4-0; McMurry Edges Patriots in Saturday Home Game; 'Red' Murff: the Legend of Baseball Legends; Few Health Benefits from Energy Drinks; Experts Say Look at Ingredients First

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University of Texas at Tyler


Construction; ministries; Wesley Foundation; BMJ; Jeremiah Wright; pastor; basketball; John Robert; finals

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Patriot Talon Vol. 40 Issue 13 (2008)



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