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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Houston Engineering Center expands, Enrollment triples amid demand for engineering jobs; Graduation: #thestruggle, working students have trouble graduating on time; Police increase security at apartment; More bike racks coming?, Student Government Association proposes project to bring bike racks, repair stations to campus; Barbie dolls and beauty, Are dolls really just perpetuating stereotypes?; Lammily is just more proof that 'beauty' is still all about looks; Is Barbie really to blame for our unrealistic beauty expectations?; 'Feminism' is not the enemy;Alcohol awareness programs necessary for safety; FCC going overboard with net neutrality laws; The holidays are being eclipsed by consumerism; Police Reports; Taking the path less traveled, University dropout starts his own sports nutrition supplement business; Library weeds out unneeded books to donate to non-profit; Student returns to Haiti to help orphans; Do-it-yourself gifts under $20; Ending the year with a BANG, Seven activities in East Texas to kick off the New Year; Fall 2014 Final Exam Schedule; Best may be yet to come, Patriots' success in the fall should carry over to the spring; No football? No problem; Going in different directions, Nationally-ranked women start season 5-1, men at 1-5; 'I spent one night homeless' Event allows University students, community to experience homelessness; Club petitions for campus community garden; Correction.

Publication Date

Winter 12-9-2014


Graduation, Houston Engineering Center, Police, Security, Eagle's Landing, Bike racks, Student Government Association (SGA), Barbie, body image, beauty expectations, Feminism, David Dickerson, Alcohol awareness, FCC, net neutrality, consumerism, holiday season, Bike, Police Reports, Engineer, sports nutrition, Hayden Harrington, Robert R. Muntz Library, Books for Africa, Haiti, orphans, Stefanie Sliger, DIY, Do-It-Yourself, Skydiving, Zip Lining, Six Flags, Tiger Creek Wildlife, Tyler State Park, Horse Riding Lessons, Art Classes, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Football, homelessness, Tyler's One Night Without A Home, Texas Human Needs Network, community garden, Clean Food UT Tyler

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The Patriot Talon (December 9, 2014)



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