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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler named the UT Tyler Patriot. from October 4, 2018 to April 23, 2019. Articles in this issue include: National Coming Out Day; Only a Few Blocks Away; The World of Sound; A Whale of a Time; UT Tyler Debate Results; SGA Updates; This is Halloween; Venom; A grammatically incorrect love story; Violet Evergarden; No excuse for animal abuse, Standing for those who can't; Kitchens for All; Spook o'ween; Spooky Safety; Cheep Party Games; Short on time but need to scare? For the ladies: Joy, Sadness, Edna Mode. For the Guys: Steve Urkel, Carlton Banks, Will Smith.; Last Chance Charles; The disappearance of the 3rd; Our Apartment Ghost Anthoni; The History of Halloween; Creative Corner; The Cabinet; Call of Duty Returns; Coping with Words; Road to Financial Success; Easy Sheet Pan Dinners; October Student Events.

Publication Date

Fall 10-24-2018


National Coming Out Day, LGBTQ+, Swoop, adjustments, whales, John Ryan, UT Tyler debate team, Student Government Association (SGA), halloween, 'Venom', 'I fine...Thank You. Love You', 'Violet Evergarden', animal abuse, PETA, kitchen, safety, crafts, costume ideas, creative works, student work, 3rd U.S. Infantry refiment, ghost story, haunting, history, poetry, short story, Call of Duty, coping mechanism, financial success, sheet pan dinners, calendar, student events, Tyler events

Persistent identifier

The Patriot (October 24, 2018)



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