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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Are smartphones a smart idea? Students and their screen time; "How powerful is hope? I wouldn't be here without it."; Soules parking garage will not undergo reconstruction or demolition; December is a "much needed break" for students and faculty; Excess dining dollars cause stress; The Digital Lens in the English Department; The Hellfire Quagmire; Farewell to UT Tyler: Letter from the Editor; Chelsea's Corner: 'Tis the season; Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas: which should you use?; Why the "Milkshake-Man" visiting campus is problematic; "The Irishman" is Old Cinema in the new Age; Budget recipes for students, by a student; Five Christmas Rom-Coms you need to watch this Holiday Season; Why "High School Musical : The Musical : The Series" is actually kind of good; The Talon Tries: Culture ETX, What About Kabob and His Gyros; The Talon tarot; Holiday gifting on a budget; East Texas Holiday events calendar; Festive food tour: Tyler's tastiest specialty holiday treats; People of UT Tyler: K'lin Noble.

Publication Date

Winter 12-9-2019


smartphones, screen time, Dr. Terry Britt, hope, Soules College of Business, Soules parking garage, december, dining dollars, met swipes, Matthew Kelly, Ellie Youngblood, hellfire, Language and Technology minor, Claire Wallace, Chelsea's Corner, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, regional dialect, "milkshake-man", free speech, Jesse Morell, "The Irishman", Robert De Niro, budget recipes, chicken quesadilla, potato casserole, "Let it snow", "Last Christmas", "The Holiday", "Holidy in Handcuffs", "Four Christmases", "High School Musical : The Musical : The Series", Culture ETX, What about kabob and his gyros, food review, Tarot, holiday gifting, gifting on a budget, East Texas Holiday Events, Tyler, The Foundry Coffee House, Roast Social Kitchen, Andy's Frozen Custard, K'lin Noble

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The Patriot Talon (December 9, 2019)



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