A new mother has so many stressors and a post cesarean section infection should never have to be one of them. The infection rate at MHTW is double the national average at 1.85. This evidence-based practice project looks at the implementation of a pre-surgical bundle in women undergoing cesarean section to reduce overall risk of developing a post cesarean section infection. This evidence shows that the combination of a standardized bundle including infection specific education for the patient and family, pre- and post-surgical bathing, elimination of jewelry worn by patients and staff, antibiotic timing, Chlorhexidine skin prep, and a vaginal prep are all linked to decreased post cesarean section surgical site infections. Six months after implementation of the standardized surgical site infection bundle the C/S infection rate at MHTW dropped to 0.28.

Date of publication

Spring 4-28-2022

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Cheryl Parker, Lauri John


Doctor of Nursing Practice