Nurses, family members, and other medical professionals have always found it difficult when communicating with patients who have impaired communication. Those who fall under the category of impaired communication include those who are mechanically ventilated and those who have a tracheostomy. Ineffective communication skills on both ends of the spectrum have led to negative patient outcomes. According to Aslani, Niknejad, Maghaddasi, & Akbari (2017), ineffective communication in patients with impaired communication have led to numerous physical and mental complications. Discovering an effective communication method to implement has been of great importance in the nursing field.

The current practice of communicating with patients who are stable yet impaired in communication abilities is not acceptable. These simplistic methods of communication are not considered best practice. In order for there to be positive patient outcomes, effective communication, and in increase in patient/nurse satisfaction, changes need to be made immediately with the current communication methods. Therefore, it is recommended that the Intensive Care Unit incorporate a customized i-Pad with the installation of a specialized application to aid in communication between healthcare professionals and stable patients who have altered communication abilities.

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Fall 12-6-2020

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