This evidence-based project includes a discussion of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or body image disturbance as part of pre-treatment screening in medical facilities providing appearance-altering procedures and aesthetic treatments to adult patients. The information provided serves as the foundation for endorsing the adoption of a BDD screening tool into clinical practice to increase the identification of body dysmorphia, thereby facilitating proper referral, diagnosis, and treatment to aid in patient safety and satisfaction and limit medico-legal imputations. The discussion presented here is supported by evidence-based research. It focuses on BDD prevalence and significance amongst adult patients and highlights validated screening tools used to identify BDD. It also identifies the process for a change project that supports the proposed implementation of a validated BDD screening tool. The milestones for this project include developing an administrative team for the execution of this project, formulating policies and procedures, designing a plan and execution pilot, and identifying the best suitable screening tool for practice use. This project will follow a strategic timeline for integration and will be executed over 12 weeks. The change project will include various stakeholders and personnel working collaboratively to develop and implement this change. The effectiveness of implementing this evidence-based change in healthcare relies heavily on the support and active involvement of all stakeholders. This includes the administrative members, direct patient-care staff, IT specialists, and the appointed leaders to oversee the tool's proper use and efficacy. The chief officers are critical in promoting safety, making executive decisions, and allocating resources to support this goal. The patients also play an essential role by participating in the change, understanding its purpose and goal, and actively completing the screening tool.

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Fall 11-19-2023

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MSN Capstone Project



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MSN Family Nurse Practitioner

Body Dysmorphia Screening Tool for Aesthetic Treatments-BrandiHarper.2023.pptx (264 kB)
Body Dysmorphia Screening Tool for Aesthetic Treatments: A Benchmark Study.pptx

Body Dysmorphia Screening Tool for Aesthetic Treatments- A Benchmark Study.BrandiHarper.2023.docx (169 kB)
Body Dysmorphia Screening Tool for Aesthetic Treatments: A Benchmark Study