The nursing shortage is a complicated situation. Van Camp and Chappy (2017) determined that newly graduated nurses make up for both the largest group of nurses entering, a well as leaving the profession. Research has been done to determine what is causing nurses to leave the profession prematurely and there are many answers to this question. One major reason is lack of support. Another reason is lack of training. Nurse Residency Programs (NRPs) are one proven solution to these problems, and have been shown to increase competency and confidence, nurse satisfaction, patient safety and support these nurses as they transition into practice (Knighten, 2022)

The goal of this project is to establish a structured training program for both new nurses and nurses new to a specialty to increase nurse satisfaction, and by increasing satisfaction, nurse retention will improve. By establishing an NRP current trends in health care could be discussed and different subjects could be incorporated based on need. The NRP could not only work on improving turnover by increasing nurse satisfaction but also incorporate topics such as crisis training, preventing burnout, and utilizing mindfulness in practice, which could help nurses throughout their careers.

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Spring 2023

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MSN Capstone Project (Local Access)



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Masters in Nursing Education