The primary purpose of my study is to investigate the relationships between workplace spirituality, individual spirituality, affective commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior. My literature review resulted in the following research question: If workplace spirituality and individual spirituality are inherent in organizations and individuals, what is their relationship to employees’ workplace behavior? Three testable hypotheses are examined in hopes of identifying and developing practical and scholarly applications of OCB’s and developing the roles of individual spirituality and workplace spirituality as distinct assets in the general business culture: (1) the moderating effect of workplace spirituality in the relationship between individual spirituality and affective commitment, (2) mediating effect of affective commitment in the relationship between IS and OCB, and (3) moderating effect of WS in the relationship between AC and OCB.

Date of publication

Summer 8-11-2018

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Dr. Greg Wang, Dr. Paul Roberts, Dr. Guclu Atinc


Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Development