The issue of strategic human capital management has been studied and written about extensively over the last 20 years. Much of the focus of this work has addressed the need for internal human resources organizations to transition from transactional, processing organizations to more strategic partner functions addressing the key business needs of the organization. The vast majority of the research addressing this transition has focused on the professional characteristics of senior human resource executives. Whereas the literature presents anecdotal evidence of progress, there also exists consensus support for the idea that very little systemic movement has occurred at the organizational level. The purpose of this study is to take a case study approach to further the development of strategic human capital management from the perspective of a strategic model, capable of focusing and moving the entire human resources organization to the desired state of being a strategic business partner. The path towards this model will address the literature on strategy development, strategy execution and examine a tool called the balanced scorecard.

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Summer 7-25-2018

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Dr. Jerry Gilley, Dr. Ann Gilley, Dr. Judy Sun, Honorary Committee Member Dr. Robert Kaplan


Doctor of Philosophy, Human Resoutce Development