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Change is common within organizations today, and companies are seeking employees who will adapt to the changes with a minimum level of disruption to the organization. Although a large literature base exists outlining ways to implement and manage change efforts from both research and practitioner perspectives, many change initiatives do not meet expectations. A lack of communication from management has been identified as a major contributor to resistance to change. As such, managerial communication plays an integral role in the change management process. This study investigated the moderating role of three individual employee attributes (i.e., organizational trust, managerial trust, and openness to change) on the relationship between managerial communication and employee job satisfaction during times of organizational change. A sample of 324 surveys from students enrolled in master’s and PhD programs in business and human resource development at three universities were used to test the hypothesized relationships. While support was not found for the hypothesized moderating relationships, statistically significant correlations between constructs were found. The implications of this study’s findings for research, theory, and practice are delineated, along with suggestions for future research studies.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Development

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