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Fieldwork project in Gas station


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We were assigned to observe a location of our choosing amongst four individuals total. We all agreed that a gas station/ convenience store would give us the opportunity to collect the most data from what we observed. Between Dallas and East Texas we selected four gas stations at random where we would stand and walk around observing with no intention to be noticed, though take in what we saw and to make note of it. However, though we observed on public grounds we still found the need to allow the clerks to know of what we were doing in order to avoid conflict. No one had a problem with our research so we began to our project. After observing and gathering our findings we reconvene and discussed certain similarities and differences amongst the gas stations and whether or not the area in which we individually patrolled had an affect on the observations we gathered. In conclusion, we took similar steps and gathered much needed information relevant to our research analysis project, in turn allowing us to create a poster board on which we shall present, of the gathered findings, methods, and results.

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Gas station, fieldwork research, observe, behaviors, locations, daily essentials

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