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Influence of Religious Beliefs on Immigration Attitudes


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Our Research's main purpose is to determine if there is a correlation between participants' religious views and their attitudes toward immigration attitudes. Our hypothesis was specifically, “Does Christianity (all denominations) have an influence on immigration attitudes?” To conduct our study, we first put together a survey on google forms. The survey consisted of close-ended questions and even contained some questions using the Likert scale. There were three requirements to take the survey. Those requirements consisted of being 18 years and older, being a U.S. citizen, and being eligible to vote. After forming the survey, we continued the sharing process. We used convenient sampling, where we shared on Facebook and Snapchat to share with our friends and family, and in turn we asked them to share with others resulting in snowball sampling. In total we received a sample population of 93. The data from this survey was used in a one-shot case study to measure the relationship between the two variables.

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Immigration – Christianity - Discrimination

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