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Influence of Political Views on Citizen Engagement


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The purpose of this research study is to determine how political views impact levels of citizen engagement to provide insight to better understand and increase political engagement. As the political field is always changing, it is important for continued research to be done regarding this topic. Our hypothesis was that people with stronger political views (those who identify as either Republican or Democrat) will have greater engagement than people who identify as Independents or non-partisans. A sample was gathered through convenience sampling to recruit volunteers to take a survey that measured both political views and citizen engagement. The data from this survey was used in a one-shot case study to measure the relationship between the two variables. The study ultimately found that while people with strong political views who identify as either Republican/conservative or Democrat/liberal are generally more likely to have higher levels of citizen engagement, there are some exceptions to this conclusion that imply that Independents may merely be engaging through different means than strong partisans.

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political views, citizen engagement, politics

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