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The first official newspaper of the institution, it describes the early classes, events, and scholarships on the campus. Articles include: An Important Step, Twenty-Eight Degree Programs Approved; Architect Team Comes to TSC for "Squatters Week"; First TSC Newspaper; Tyler State College Organizational Chart; Student Financial Aid Director to be Added; TSC Enrollment Reaches 178 for Spring Semester; TSC is Approved for Student Financial Aid; Thirty People are Employed at Tyler State College; Students Spend Leisure Time in College Center; Turney Plans Russia Tour; Funds are Sought for "LEEP" Program; News at a Glance; Enrollment is Projected for TSC Through 1983; Students See Printing Operations on Field Trip; Dr. Bill Turney Co-Authors New Textbook for Colleges; TSC Board of Regents; Message from the President; Student Directory.

Publication Date

Spring 1973


degree programs, architect team, "squatters week" School of Education and Psychology, Health & Physical Education, Early Childhood Education, Elemntary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Vocational Education, Psychology, School of Business, Accounting, Economics and Finance, Management, Marketing, General Business, School of Technical & Vocational Studeis, Medical Technology, Medical Technology, Computer Science, Law Enforcement, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, English, Spanish, Sociology, History, Political Science, School of Fine and Performing Arts, Srt, Journalism, Music, Speech, Drama, School of Sciences and Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, first issue, Dr. James H. Stewart, organizational chart, student financial aid director, enrollemt, student fincancial aid funds, employment, college center, Russia, tour, education system, educational tour, Law Enforcement Educational Program (LEEP), graduation, Dr. Bill Turney, Printing Operations, TSC Board of Regents, textbook, message from the president, student directory.

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Tyler State College Vol.I, No. 1



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