Huy Tran


Although research exists regarding barriers to mental health care for individuals with depression and anxiety disorders, few studies have compared characteristics of those who seek treatment versus those who do not seek treatment for psychological distress associated with these disorders. Such studies are needed in order to better understand factors involved in treatment seeking and treatment abstention. The present study addresses treatment seeking and treatment abstention in individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), in order to understand barriers to treatment in this population. Results indicate that the groups did not significantly differ on their gender, finances, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and grade classification. Results also suggest that those who seek treatment associate less stigma with mental health than those who do not seek treatment. Finally, both groups prefer to handle their own problems and think that their problems would eventually resolve themselves. These results may be helpful in informing outreach and prevention efforts targeted to an MDD and GAD population.

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Spring 5-14-2015

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