Emily Drake


The Facial Feedback Hypothesis (FFH) states that emotions are induced or enhanced by one's own facial expression. Lack of accurate empathy, deficits in the ability to read facial expressions, and anhedonia are all symptoms found in schizophrenia. These symptoms have a dramatic impact on schizophrenia patients; the levels of those symptoms often determining functional outcome. Few studies exist on facial feedback in schizophrenia and those that do are conflicting in their views as to whether or not FFH applies to people with schizophrenia. This study measured level of positive affect and how it is affected by facial expression. Controls assigned to the smile condition demonstrated a trend toward higher immediate positive affect than did controls who did not smile. However, there was no trend toward happiness for the schizophrenia group assigned to the smile condition. This study also found that time spent smiling does not appear to be correlated higher or more intense positive affect for any group. Future research directions are discussed.

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Fall 9-29-2014

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