This study sought to examine the variability and impact of different kinds of losses experienced during COVID-19 and how people reacted to and coped with those losses. The most common loss reported by individuals was the loss of social connection, while death-related losses were identified as the most impactful loss experienced. Results suggest that people responded in a myriad of ways, including increased cautiousness for health safety, refocusing their attention on important life matters, and finding alternative ways to connect with others. Furthermore, this study found that individual factors such as intolerance of uncertainty and perceived social support may play a significant role in positive and negative reactions to loss. Findings from this study provide valuable insights into the variability and impact of losses experienced during the pandemic. Future research should continue to explore experiences with death and non-death losses to better understand the dynamic processing of loss and grieving.

Date of publication

Winter 12-9-2022

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Adam McGuire, Michael Barnett, Olga Berkout, Sarah Sass


Master of Science in Clinical Psychology