Leah N. Smith


Off-topic verbosity (OTV) has been linked with deficits in executive functioning, and specifically inhibition. OTV research has focused primarily on tangentiality, whereas in this study we focused on egocentrism, tangentiality, and quantity of speech. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between inhibition of overlearned responses using a Stroop test and OTV. Young adults (n = 61; age 18-28) and older adults (n = 75; age 60-98) completed the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function Systems (D-KEFS) Color-Word Interference Test and provided a verbal sample in which they recounted a procedural memory and an episodic memory. These samples were transcribed and rated for quantity of speech by three independent judges. Results found that age cohort and inhibition were associated with lower quantity of speech. These results provide some support for the inhibitory deficits hypothesis of OTV.

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