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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to. Articles in this issue include: Bell: As Governor, he Promises to Overhaul Public Education, Legalize Gambling, Make University Textbooks Tax-free; Men Run Away With ASC Title; Mascot Namer Nixed 'Clawed', Settled on 'Swoop'; Carpool Club: New Student Organization Offers Ideas for Saving Money; Adams, Sheriff to Read True Crime; Cowan Center Offers Free Student Tickets for Select Shows; Alcohol Awareness Week Offered 'Root Beer' Activities; Making Fun of Halloween; Tag Team: University Professor and her Father, a Long-time Biologu Teacher, Take Turns Lecturing to Spend Time With Family; Patriot Cross Country Members Find Love; Police Say Soap Prank 'no big deal'; Honesty Strong Point of True-crime Novel; Art Professors Contribute Artwork to Celebrate Tenth Year of Cowan Center; 'Man of the Year' Prompts Legitimate Political Questions; TV Preview: Fall Drama means More than Finding out Who's Your Baby's Daddy; Rape Aggression Defense Class Offered for Female Students, Staff; Men Claim Conference Title; Women Take Third in ASC; Patriot Volleyball Nets Third Place; Dems Want New Leaders; Shouldn't Change Vote Based on Scandal Alone; Voting Day Young People Increasingly Absent at the Polls; Patriot Soccer Star Battle Some Tough Breaks; Celebrating Patriot Dominance on the Soccer Field

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University of Texas at Tyler


ChrisBell; Cross Country; Swoop; Sheriff Smith; Dr. Thomas Compton; CSI; The Christmas Day Murders; James Pace; Dewane Hughes; Philana Oliphlant; Lecturer of Art; Man of the Year; TV Review; Self Defense; Rape Aggression; Men Soccer; American Southwest Conference; Soccer Veteran; Alumni Association

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Patriot Talon Vol. 38 Issue 5 (2006)



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