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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Survey of Police Reports Shows Highest Alcohol and Disturbance Related Calls at the Cambridge. Cleaning House; Officials Convene on Cambridge; Student's Death Mourned on Campus; Total Lunar Eclipse Blocks the Sun and Reveals a Blood-red Moon; Goodbye Nelson; Insects Specialize, Human Diversity; The World Needs a Stage; How Modern Music Lost its Higher Purpose; Solar Powered Flashlight Might Change the Dynamic in Africa, Other Third World Countries, Activists Say; " Patriot Day" Panel Seeks Answers; Provost: New Registrar Will Lead us Into Next Phase of Development; Brilliant Red Lunar Eclipse as Sight to See on Aug.28h; Two Students Unite to Reinvigorate the College Republicans on Campus; Former Drive-By Trucker Rocks Solo Project; Holly's Movie Shorts Yuma Kicks, But it's no Tombstone; UC Berkley Clamps Down on Online Piracy to Students' Dismay; Zodiac Proves Darkly apt for Stormy Night Viewing; Homecoming Events to Include Patriot Flame and Patriot Paddle; Talon Tickles; University Adds Tracks & Field; Men Run to First Place; Women Third; Women Draw to tie in Conference Opener; Men's Soccer Drops ASC Opener; Men's Golf Takes Third in Opening Tournament; Police Report; SGA Briefs

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University of Texas at Tyler


Drug abuse; drinking; Will McDonald; Nelson Clyde; pool; playwright; plays; light; BOgo lights; Mark Bent; SGA senate; speaker's panel; LaTonya McCoy; moon; solar; Jason Isbell; illegal download; Blaze of Glory; cross country; soccer; John Bohmann

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Patriot Talon Vol. 39 Issue 2 (2007)



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