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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Parking Fee Increase Sought by Admin.; Officials Discuss Highest, Lowest Enrollment for Colleges, Majors; Students Rely on Adderall; Playoffs Still Viable for Men’s Basketball; GOP at Odds Amid Intense Campaign; Campus Interaction Lacks Sociability; Student Bids Farewell to Dublin Dr Pepper; University Students Involve with Website that is ‘Easier than Cheating’; Transformation Could end Reality TV; Clubs Prep Students for Post-Graduation; University Hosts Work of Sculptors from Across Texas on Campus; Women in Tough Battle to Reach Playoffs; Polls Predict Another Patriot Division Title; University to Host Spanish Seminar; Low-fi Hero Rewards Followers with Box Set; Williams Gives Life to Artful Monroe Film

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University of Texas at Tyler


Nursing; stimulant; East Division; StudyPods; PersonalWeb; organizations; basketball; tournament; baseball

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Patriot Talon Vol. 45 Issue 1 (2012)



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