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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Are textbooks breaking your bank? Student expenses rise with 82 percent textbook price increase in ten years, alternative options offer relief; 11 percent enrollment increase for spring semester; Campus police employ procedures to ensure safety; University step closer to purchasing Village at the U, business plan includes targeting upperclassmen, allowing alcohol; Help prevent cancer, get the HPV vaccine, Student debt is a serious issue, be smart with spending; Athletes can't be trusted with performance enhancing drugs; The classroom experience, a look into the classroom of an education major; Pencils, calculators & building blocks, education courses offer field-based instruction; Business major recruited for America's Got Talent; Village at the U hold contest to encourage tenants to renew lease; Marketing budget triples, new commercials; Online evaluations provide opportunity for student feedback, course improvements; Butler accuses JP challenger Meredith of illegal campaign tactics; Flu season spikes in number of cases, 10 positive tests on campus; Creations from Across the Nation, Juror speaks at Meadows Gallery about international exhibit; Breaking it down: "The Wolf of Wall Street"; An entertaining spring season, Cowan Center brings song, dance and comedy to campus; The grind of a long season, Men 4-4 in January after four-game win streak in December; Winning ways continue for the Patriot Women, women's basketball remains in first place in conference; Senior basketball player returns to court after semester off; Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever; Drinking coffee, fighting sex trafficking: Coffee shop to open, will fund prevention program for at-risk girls

Publication Date

Winter 1-28-2014


Student Expenses; Enrollment; Campus Police; Village; Cancer; Vaccine; Student Debt; Athletes; performance enhancing drugs; Education Major; America's Got Talent; Tony Shaw; Textbooks; Purchase; Budget; Student feedback; online evaluations; Noah Butler; Justice of the Peace; Flu season; Dean Daderko; Annual International Exhibition; Meadows Gallery; Movie Review; Cowan Center; Basketball; Jordan Cannon; Peyton Manning; Coffee shop; sex trafficking; Refuge of Light

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Patriot Talon (January 28, 2014)



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