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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Committee, firm appointed to find next campus president; Don't rock the boat, University hosts national concrete canoe competition; University baseball team remember alumni's spirit, strength; Putting aside the divides Wake up, America; Dry drowning, what is it?; App Geek: App Review- Pokemon Go; University debate coach discusses successes, future endeavors; The Motivation of a Child, Student handles the trials of mother hood along with schooling; East Texas MADD calls for volunteers; National Champs, Patriots take steady approach to championship; Records and rank over the years; The Road to Salem; Winning It All; Mix of old, new produced championship; Batten leaving as one of program's greatest; Simmons wins hammer throw national title; Patriots continue on path of success, university baseball team finishes 2016 with heads high and hopeful; Inspiring young artist, Former student pursues career in make-up; "Finding Dory" brings nostalgia, heartwarming message; University students mentoring youth, earning scholarships; Campus prepared for new campus carry law in effect August 1; Students, professor providing home for Alzheimer's; International student organizations break divides, add diversity.

Publication Date

Summer 7-12-2016


presidential search, canoe competition, American Society of Civil Engineering National Concrete Canoe Competetion, cancer, baseball, Delta Gamma, divided, pokemon go, dry drowning, debate team, student parents, motherhood, schooling, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Issac Tijerina, softball, championship, salem, Suddenlink Field, Herrington Patriot Center, Kelsie Batten, Track & Field, makeup artist, Emily Gage, "Finding Dory", nostalgia, message, mentoring, mentor, scholarship, campus carry law, S.B. 11, Alzheimers, international students, organizations

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The Patriot Talon (July 12, 2016)



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