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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include:Lakes lack spook factor, thrive in gnat herds. What's really in the Upper and Lower Harvey lake?; Annual safety report review: high fires, low crime; The future of hammocking on campus hangs in the balance; UT Tyler gets its own published YA student author; What's that song Riter Tower is playing?; On-campus jobs for international students: a benefit or a limitation?; UT Tyler's class on how not to kill a mockingbird; Trans Goose: A new representation; Great. More Walking.; Making my way across campus, scootin' fast: SGA's plan for scooters; Elizabeth Newsom's Captive and Crowned was less than captivating; Passionately pro-racoon; UT Tyler growing faster than the campus can handle; Are You With Mei?: Gaming Culture and Hong Kong's Liberation; 'El Camino': Nothing more than it needs to be; Art v. Artist; 'Joker':a masterpiece or a joke?; Looking for a reason to like Alaska; The Talon Tries: Cup O' Joy; The Talon Tarot: A forecast into the incoming week; Sneak Peak! Top five East Texas Terrors: A guide to the area's spookiest haunted houses; Derrick White ruined my life: A look into the life of an art professor: Saving money for the savvy student; The spooky, the scary and the spectacular: A guide to East Texas fall festivities; People of UT Tyler: Joseph Hudson, Bethany Alexander;

Publication Date

Fall 10-22-2019


Harvey Lake, biology, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Annual safety report, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), hammocking, hammocking frames, Elizabeth Newsom, Young Adult, Captive and Crowned, Riter Tower, on-campus jobs, internatinal students, Ornthology, Untitled Goose Game, trans, University Blvd, Student Government Association (SGA), scooters, book review, raccoon, ecosystem, enrollment, overcrowded, "overwatch", protest, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Liberation, China, 'El Camino', cancel culture, R. Kelly, Kenvin Spacey, 'Joker', Joaquin Phoenix, 'Looking for Alaska', John Green, Cup O' Joy, Tarot, Derrick White, art professor, saving money, student discounts, East Texas, fall festivities, fall activities, Joseph Husdson, Bethany Alexander

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The Patriot Talon (October 22, 2019)



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