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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include:'The whole system was against me.'; The english major in the real world; Welcome to Zoom University, Students and staff speak on the Fall 2020 return; 'The whole system was against me,' contd.; The marketable skills of an english major, cont.; Kumar's Korner: Have We Recovered?; A special announcement from the Patriot Talon; Black-owned, but make it fashion; Don't Say No to This Movie: A Hamilton Review; 'Twilight'? Again? Seriously?; How to build a great charcuterie board, According to an expert (and a budget hack); 'ERROR 404'.

Publication Date

Fall 9-11-2020


sexual assult, Title IX, english major, profitable skills, marketable skills, zoom, COVID-19, KETK, recovery, The Patriot Talon, black owned, fashion, cosmetics, accessories, stationary, clothing, Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, 'Twilight', hack, charcuterie board, budget hack.

Persistent identifier

The Patriot Talon (September 11, 2020)



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