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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include:Zoom University is the same price, students aren't exactly thrilled with that; UT Tyler Marketing VP makes $174,180 per year; Social Distancing Who?; UT Tyler on the air; Click it or Ticket: Clickers are expensive, but they're here to stay; What's in the lake this time?; Getting lost to find yourself; Shooting near UT Tyler leaves one dead, two injured; Column: Shut up and Listen; Swoop's teeth bite; Column: The Steady State; BIPOC is beautiful, Two East Texas students break into white world of fashion; 'Cuties' is supposed to be repulsive; "It's Lit!" The Travis Scott Meal; Cheesecake and chill?

Publication Date

Fall 9-22-2020


zoom, Marketing vice president, social distancing, COVID-19, 'The Lost Edition', KVUT, radio station, Clickers, Nutria rats, Outdoors Adventures, shooting, The Foundary Apartments, complaint, Swoop, meme, East Texas, rebrand, Prospect Theory Risk Aversion Function, BIPOC, netflix, 'Cuties', Travis Scott, McDonalds, cheesecake

Persistent identifier

The Patriot Talon (September 22, 2020)



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