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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler. Articles in this issue include: Rogers Remembered at Service; Campus Health Clinic Receives 2nd Chance; Student Death Investigated; Organizations Sponsor Fest; Nominees Avoid Important Issues; Abusive Relationship Fails; Lack of Parking Places Inspire Poet to Weigh Prose and Cons of Cars; Terrorism Prevention Funds Spent on Questionable Items; Bannon: Computer Major, 'Metal' Star; New Advisers Hired to Help Raise Retention; Fat Kids Blamed on Food Industry; Music Festival to Rock Austin; Rich Finds Home in Art Department; SGA Forced to Redo Budget; Ford First to Receive New Award; Cowan Center Offers Complimentary Tickets; College Welcomes Student's pets in Dorms; Patriots Tame Wildcats in 11-0 Scoring Spree; Patriot Runners get New Coach; Bryant Decision Drops Jaws, Spurs Finger-Pointing; Seminar Puts Students en Garde

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University of Texas at Tyler


Patriot Singers; Student Government Association; Bush; Freshmen Seminars; Curriculum; Local Area Network; President's Scholarly Achievement; Gallery; Men's Soccer; Cross Country; Fencing

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Patriot Talon Vol. 35 No. 2 (2004)



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