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The official newspaper for the University of Texas at Tyler before it was changed back to the UT Tyler Patriot. Articles in this issue include: Ratliff Complex Offers Room for Expansion; Health Clinic; Growing up; Two Colleges Begin Academic Year Under new dean Leadership; New Orientation Offers Fresh Ideas; Officials Hop New Patio Deck Prompts Student Involvement; New Associate Provost to Overdose Undergrad Honors Program; Digging to China; Bush to Speak at Cowan Center; Summer CD Must Listens; Foxworthy Starts Fall Schedule at Cowan Center; Texas Ceramics on Display; Time to Extinguish True American Crime; 241 Students Named to the President's List; Officials Nae 269 Students to Dean's List; Copbeat; Patriot Soccer Seeks Title Again; Patriots Garner ASC All-Academic Honors; Patriot Baseball Players happy to Have Special new Player, Will be Inspiration; University Athletic Facilities Under New Groundskeeper; New Assistant Coaches Should Help Patriot Baseball; Patriot Women's Soccer Holds High Hopes for New Season; Meal Plans; High Time to Explore Alternative Energy Sources; GLBT Rally in Israel Incites Anger From Orthodox Jews; The Colbert Report Gets it Wrong Once Again; Memorial to Create Atmosphere of Awe and Solemn Remembrance

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University of Texas at Tyler


Engineering; New Clinic; Alisa White; James Nelson; O'Kelly; New Dorms;Sathyamoorthy; Arcgeological; George H. W. Bush; Distinguished Lecture Series; Dave Barry; American Southest Conference; Floyd

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Patriot Talon Vol. 38 Issue 1 (2006)



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