Stress and anxiety are increasing in college students, especially in nursing students who complete didactic and clinical courses concurrently. Nursing students report feeling overwhelmed, with distress affecting academic performance and balance of school and personal demands. Mindfulness is an evidence-based method of reducing human suffering due to troubling conditions such as pain, chronic illness, or psychological issues including stress and anxiety. This paper addresses the state of the science of mindfulness and details the current mental health concerns of college students, specifically nursing students. The body of evidence, gathered through a systematic search, suggests that mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety in college and in nursing students, assisting them in coping with challenges and issues throughout nursing school. This project implemented an 8-week series of experiential learning and mindfulness practice sessions which resulted in decreased nursing student stress and anxiety and increased mindfulness, as the evidence suggested. Results support the use of mindfulness training as a student support tool adjunct to counseling or academic remediation. Recommendations and lessons learned from implementing the mindfulness series are presented.

Date of publication

Spring 4-10-2019

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Dr. Carol Rizer, Dr. Sandra Petersen, Willa Decker


Doctor of Nursing Practice