Breastfeeding is accepted as the best source of infant nutrition exclusively for the first six months of life. Because it is important to both mother and infant for long-term health benefits, exclusive breastfeeding at discharge has been a CMS Perinatal Core Measure since 2015. It is essential that hospitals have personnel and programs in place to support breastfeeding mothers to support the Healthy People 2030 goal of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. COVID-19 changed how the world interacted and medical staff had to use innovative techniques to engage and educate patients virtually since social distancing prohibited normal in-person appointments and interactions that would have normally occurred. Younger clientele may actually prefer online or virtual exchanges over in-person interactions according to literature. Therefore, the question was, how do you improve exclusive breastfeeding rates in facilities during a pandemic when normal interactions are not allowed due to social distancing requirements? Practice question: Does a prenatal electronic education program improve exclusive breastfeeding rates in new mothers prior to discharge? The literature supports any education, specifically, electronic methods, can improve exclusive breastfeeding rates.

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Dr. Cheryl Parker, Dr. Kendra Sutton, Dr. Gina Nickels-Nelson, Dr. Lauri John, Dr. Jennifer Chilton, Dr. Barbara Haas


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