Healthcare today is continually evolving and requires healthcare providers to coordinate and work together to provide quality care. Among healthcare changes is the increasing expansion of technological improvements assisting in mainstreaming processes. In the academic setting, these changes are currently needed to help improve faculty workflow and assist in regulatory compliance. The purpose of this paper is to discover if implementing technology in a clinical nursing setting through an evidence-based practice approach will improve nursing faculty workload and aid in accreditation compliance. The design and methodology for this project were developed using the Iowa model of evidence-based practice, the Donabedian model of examining health services and healthcare quality, and Roger's five-stage change theory.

Based on the evidence and the program outcomes, the project revealed that by applying technology in a clinical setting, faculty workflow could produce improvements and further assist in increasing regulatory compliance.

Date of publication

Fall 8-2-2022

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Committee members

Cheryl Parker, PhD, RN-BC, Lauri John, PhD, RN, CNS, Gloria Duke, PhD.


Doctor of Nursing Practice