A question of inquiring led to the development of PICOT questions and a systematic search that recognized an executive leadership rounding process healthcare initiative need to improve the quality of care for patients, QI (quality improvement) initiatives such as reducing CAUTI (community-acquired urinary tract infections) and CLABSI (central-line associated bloodstream infections) in the medical floor population project was developed. The compelling internal and external evidence makes it vital to examine the following question, In acute care inpatients (P), how does an executive leaderships (manager &/or director), quality-indicator rounding plan (I) compare to no rounding plan (C) affect consistent completion of an executive quality checklist/rounding measure (O1) and QI measurements (e.g., CAUTI) (O2) within at least one measurement quarters (T)? The development and implementation of this EBP project consisted of using an EBP model, change model, logic model, leadership model, Gantt timeline, data analysis plan, and a budget plan.

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Spring 5-4-2022

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Dr. Sandra Petersen, Committee Chair


Doctor of Nursing Practice